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Jam in C minor

I’m working on setting up a little video studio. So far, I’ve got a camera, some lighting and a backdrop. Down the road, I’ll be able to improve the sound quality quite a bit. Today I just filmed this to see what it would look like once it’s up on youtube. It’s not really a song. It’s just a little jam. One take.

Here’s the Chord Progression:

Note that the chord progression is written twice. The first time is for the chords, the second time is for the “Target Notes.” We’ll get to those in a moment.
Here’s the backing track:

Here are a couple of tips:

-Before soloing, learn to play the chords over the track.  Start with the chord diagrams in the .pdf file. Find other ways to play the chords that connect things nicely.

-Try playing the “target notes” along with the track. Once you can play them, try improvising while hitting those notes, at the beginning of each chord. Work on connecting them in a smooth manner. Once you get that, create your own target notes, and practice improvising while connecting the target notes.

-B diminished 7th arpeggio is a nice choice over the G7 chord.

-Once you get comfortable with the mechanics, forget about it all and just play.

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