Who cares about religious crackpots in Florida?

I don’t know a lot about this story. All I know is that a religious leader Somewhere in Florida burned an important Islam religious text in protest. In response, Muslims in Afghanistan stage what look like pretty violent protests.

Media have been having a field day with this. Mostly the implication is that religious crackpots like this should be silenced and not be allowed to make such inflammatory gestures. I’m pretty sure that when the 1st amendment was written, no-one thought about how an action in Florida could have an instantaneous response on the other side of the world.

To me, there’s a very simple principle at work: A lit match by itself causes no danger. Nor does a can of gasoline. But mixing the two causes an explosive reaction.

If the media is so quick to criticize the crackpot and call the wisdom of the 1st amendment in to question, why not look at the cause first? Who was responsible for putting the lit match near the gasoline?????

I don’t blame the Muslims in Afghanistan for being upset. But they are reacting to something that happened in America, under the sovereign laws of USA, which guarantee the right on free speech. Even for the inflammatory wack-job in Florida. As much as I disagree with what he did, his RIGHT to do it should be protected.

What’s missing here has nothing to do with religion, or laws, or politics. What’s missing is common-sense.

To the wack-job in Florida: I can appreciate your frustration, but you may want to re-think your means. Is this the outcome you want? I doubt it.

To the pissed-off Afghans: I don’t blame you for being pissed. But keep in mind you’re pissed off at a crazy wack-job in Florida. Don’t even TRY to tell me you don’t have a few of those in YOUR midst!

To the politicians: Leave the 1st amendment alone. It’s fine. Really.

To the media: Stop using the term “journalism” if you’ve stopped practicing it.

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