Recording artists not paying their studio bills??

Here’s a video clip from a CBS affiliate in Atlanta, Georgia from May 2011. Apparently, several recording studios are having a hard time keeping their doors open because their clients aren’t paying their bills. Major label artists that have made millions on their hits not paying the studios that helped create it??? Are you joking????

The traditional recording studio is (and has been) under fire for many years as a business model. I rarely use them because I can’t afford it. It’s MUCH cheaper (and for me, more effective) to record at home. Today, you can build a decent home-setup for well under $10,000 that would have cost 10x as much 20 years ago. That pretty much kills the “local” business for the studios. Therefore, to survive they have to go “upscale” and go for the “big time” clients.

Having said that, a “real” recording studio (done right) is an amazing place to make music. With the right folks working there, the atmosphere is just amazing.

I don’t post rants as often as I used to because fewer things annoy me; a consequence of maturity. But million-selling major-label artists not paying their bills? Recording studios afraid to call them out for fear of losing MORE business???? REALLY???

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One Response to Recording artists not paying their studio bills??

  1. Lance Vallis says:

    Yes, that is ridiculous. At least at the end of the clip they report that some of the bills got paid.

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