Reality TV

(sigh) How low will we go? Years ago, I posted a rant about Alternative music. The essence of the rant at the time was, “Alternative to what? Alternative music has become mainstream. Am I the only one that thinks the premise is ridiculous?” I think I posted in 1996 or so.

I took it down. The spirit of the “Rant Page” at the time was to write about things that frustrated me in a manner that might be fun to read. I didn’t really mean any harm, but some people didn’t agree with me.

Now we have Reality Shows on TV. If you haven’t seen one, it’s supposed to be a glimpse in to someone else’s life in an “unscripted/unedited” manner. The cameras can film anything and broadcast anything. The shows’ participants get a boatload of cash for the invasion of privacy.

Have you ever seen a reality show that actually looks like reality?

How stupid do we seem? Imagine explaining a reality show to an alien. Would the alien take away the lesson: “In order to be famous and successful in the United States, you must be utterly self-absorbed, and frighteningly dim-witted.”???

I hear there’s a new one in the works: “Teen Brain Surgeon” (featuring Snooky’s half-sister),

The pilot episode is tentatively titled: “Ooops”

The second episode is called: “Ooops I did it again.”

Third one: “I look awesome in scrubs, but the blood ruins it.”

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