Rant Archive (Sept. 1997)

Telephone Sales Geeks
There are few things that annoy me like telephone sales geeks. Actually, I feel kinda bad for the actual tele-marketers because if I had a job like that, I’d think to myself, “I hate my job.” But think about the social implications of such a vocation. What kind of personality does it take to willingly self-inflict such verbal abuse on themselves? When was the last time YOU were cordial to a tele-marketer? When did a disproportionately high tolerance for verbal abuse become a POSITIVE attribute in a society that struggles with punishment and re-habilitation?

The message seems to be this:
“I can punish myself all I want and society will accept and honor it. But society can’t punish me even if I drop a baby on a tile floor!”

How the hell did I get from Tele-marketers to dropping babies?

I get annoyed as hell when I get a telephone sales call. I used to interrupt them and say, “Sorry, not interested”, then hang up. But then the annoyance isn’t mutual. More recently, I’ve taken to a new strategy. When I get such a call, I interrupt them and inform them they have called at an inconvenient time. I ask for their name (their FULL name), and their HOME telephone number, then offer to call back. As they explain to me it is against company policy to give out such information, I ask them why they think its OK to call me at home but not vice versa. Finally, I explain to them that if I need to be told about a product before I realize I need it, then I don’t really need it. All they are doing is wasting my time, and their own as well.

When I ask them how they got my number in the first place, they usually don’t give a coherent answer.

Oh, and yes, I just LOVE it when the tele-marketer calls and its not even a real person….

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