Rant Archive (July 1997)

Technology. Computers. What a complete waste of time. I’m the sort of guy who loves technology. Gadgets and that stuff. If its got bells and whistles, it floats my boat. But, damn, what time-eaters computers are. I bought a completely new computer system recently. Not state of the art, but pretty good. Of course, none of my old software took advantage of all the hip new features it has. So… of I went, upgrading every application I use.

Of course that meant learning all new software. And all my old files hadda be “converted”. Why is it that an MMX enabled P200 with 32 meg of memory running win95 actually runs SLOWER than a 386/15 (with 2 meg) running DOS 3.x ????? Is that progress? Why is it that Word Perfect 5.1 files usually end up around 10k mark where the same type of document in Word 97 is 2 meg? Is that why we need bigger hard drives? So that we can fit the same amount of information in a larger space….. so it will cost more and run slower? Pundits tell us that the cost of technology is going down. BUT NOT IF THEY MAKE US KEEP SPENDING MONEY!!!!

Technical support should be called “Spend your life on hold, then listen to some joker try to convince you its your fault-and if it isn’t, they can’t help you”.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found things that leave the support people scratching their heads.

I think I wanna go back to the days when “mouse skills” was something you taught to your pet cat.

Fuck you Bill Gates.

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