Rant Archive (An Open Letter to the President – From 1998)

An Open Letter to the president (and all who care to read this)

Soooo…. It’s come to our attention that our president may have engaged in illicit sexual activities with a certain young female intern at the White House.

Here is what bothers me about it all. In the first place, the fact I know about it bothers me. If you’ve ever dealt with the media, and tried to get publicity over things you WANT people to know about, then you have a real understanding of how much work it takes to get a message out to even a small portion of the population. If the whole world seems to know about our presidents’ indiscretion, then how hard did how many people have to work to get that done? I think my question is this: Who was it that decided that to spend thousands of man-hours, untold millions of dollars, hours of satellite uplink time, and overwhelming amounts of technological mass communication equipment was a good idea? Was there anyone who was shocked to learn that Bill Clinton is morally bankrupt?

Oooh….. I’m on a roll…..

I think I’m more concerned about his policital views than I am about his attitudes toward relationships. I for one, don’t really want to know about his private activities. Though I do acknowledge that this is yet another instance that proves what a “character” this guy is.

This part gets me in the gut. When directly confronted, he denied the allegations, but then it comes out that he doesn’t consider oral sex to be cheating. If you about it, the implications are deep. Resources at the White House (that are needed elsewhere…) were spent trying to figure a way to put “the least negative spin” on this.

This is our own fault. When the media brings us these stories, we eat it up like starving Ethiopians. Our system of electing presidents is such that the kind of people we really need in that office won’t go near it. The process attracts well-polished slime-balls (quite possibly the worst kind….).

I, for one don’t approve of what’s happened (if it’s true). Nor do I approve of the idea that so much energy was spent making sure I’m aware of it.

I think that’s what bugs me the most. That I know about it. If Bill Clinton was my friend and told me about it in confidence, I think I’d react this way:

I’d probably just kinda smirk at him and say, “What in the world are you thinking?”

Hey Bill….. Enough already. We all know you’re a stud. Please get back to work.

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