Racist VW ad?

So there’s a TV ad slated for the 2013 Super-Bowl by VW that features a white man from Minnesota with a thick Jamaican accent.

Mainstream Media is asking whether the commercial is racist or not. I have a simple answer to the question: Yes. It’s racist. Clearly. It’s racist against Jamaicans AND white people. It’s also kind of funny. And (in my opinion) utterly harmless.

A white guy from Minnesota with a thick Jamaican accent telling a woman to “Turn her frown upside down” is a ridiculous one. If you’re offended by that, you miss the point entirely.

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One Response to Racist VW ad?

  1. Dennis Finn says:

    Hey cousin Jon. Right on with this one. Hope to see you at Tanglewood this summer. Hope all is well with you. I will call you soon.

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