Freedom of Speech? Freedom of Religion?

Help me understand this. There’s been an ongoing discussion on whether a Muslim mosque should be allowed at the “Ground Zero” site. President Obama weighed in by saying (paraphrased) “The US constitution protects their right to build it. Whether it’s a good idea is another matter.” As much I don’t personally agree with many of Obama’s policies and politics, I agree with that assessment. He’s right.

So when a church down south wants to hold a “book burning” event to demonstrate that “Islam is of the Devil”, the US military publicly calls him out and asks him not to do it because it will infuriate Muslims around the world, putting the soldiers at risk.

This church in my opinion is a “crackpot” church. I agree with NONE of what they’re doing. But our constitution guarantees freedom of religion and freedom of speech. Whether I like it or not.

When 9/11 happened, most Muslims responded with the sentiment that those responsible were “extremists” and do not represent that peace-loving vast majority. My personal experience bears that out.

This church burning those books is a bad idea. Unwise, insensitive, provocative, irrational.

Muslims ask us not to judge Islam because some extreme terrorists killed over 3,000 Americans.

I ask Muslims not judge Christians because some crackpot wants to burn a few books.

What do you think?

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One Response to Freedom of Speech? Freedom of Religion?

  1. NickMan says:

    Jon, we should definitely sit and have discussions and debate sometimes outside of the artwork. I LOVE delving into the roots of the human psyche, religion, politics, society, subjectivity, etc. When I’m not flooded with art projects and you’re not equally drowning in teaching/music, we should discuss!

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