Extended School Hours

So there’s all kinds of talk about extended school hours. Some school systems are keeping the students 300 hours longer. Advocates say it’s to keep competitive with other countries. Further advocates claim that in urban environments, students require more support because they’re not getting it at home. Politicians are asking teachers to “suck it up” and do what’s right for the country.

Here’s what I think:

-Our country would certainly benefit from an an improved education system. Money spent in that direction is an investment in our future.

-More hours do not directly directly translate in to better education. For that, you need a circumstance where BOTH student and teacher are equally motivated.

-Simply throwing money at the problem does almost nothing.

-Politicians: Our school system is meant to educate our children. Not to politicize them.

-Administrators: lead from the front.

-Teachers: No-one cares what you know until they know how much you care.

-Parents: invest your time and attention to your children. Expect unreasonable things from them. Make sure they know, every single moment of every day that you believe in them. If you do that, you will change the world.

(insert emotional movie music swell here)

There. I’m done now. Your turn.

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