Detroit Symphony Orchestra Says Goodbye to it’s Entire Percussion Section

Detroit is a great city with it’s own share of economic challenges. Historically, the arts have often served as safe-haven during downturns. People spend more money on entertainment as a temporary escape from their daily grind.

DSO has been experiencing it’s own share of problems for a variety of reasons. The story here is that none of the percussion section players were forced out. Rather, they left on their own accord. But they ALL left. And who could blame them? Twenty-somethings at the beginning of their careers in an orchestra that is going broke? Uh-uh… sorry! What does this say about the orchestra’s future?

I hope this is a wake-up call for those with the kind of influence to do something to improve the arts in Detroit. Too much talent to waste!

Read the article on the Detroit Symphony Orchestra’s Musicians website

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