4 Soldiers

So there’s a photo circulating that shows four soldiers (Marine snipers) peeing on dead bodies. It’s quite an image. There’s nothing about it that doesn’t make me uncomfortable. It’s the ultimate act of disrespect and arrogance. My kneejerk reaction to it is to imagine myself dope-slapping each of them.

But think a little bit more about how it happened. These soldiers are snipers. Trained to kill the enemy from thousands of feet away. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never killed anyone. I have no concept of what it’s like to have that on my conscience. Even if they did it in the name of protecting our country, they’ve still killed people. I imagine that the only people who can relate to living with that might be other snipers.

If we took these men out of the military (in our imaginations) and put them in to mainstream society, we’d label them crazy. We’d lock them out & throw away the key. But we didn’t. Rather, we spent millions training them, getting them the equipment, knowledge and support they need so they can do what they do.

If we judge them as heartless, savage killers with zero compassion, remember. We did this together. The blood of our enemy is on all of our hands.

I long for a day when we live in a world where snipers are obsolete. But because they’re not, I’m grateful that someone’s willing to do a job like that. I’m not.

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