France Feb 2011

France February 2011
This was a trip I did doing scholarship auditions for Berklee. First, we went to Nancy, France to visit a school there called MAI (Music Academy International) run by Hans Kullock. Casey Scheurell and I both did seminars and auditions there.

Next, I had a couple of days off, so I took the TGV all the way down to Valance (via Paris) to visit my close friend Phil Matza, who has his own school called ARPEMA. I did another workshop and concert there. I got to play with some of the best local musicians in the area. Wow!

Finally, it was back to Paris for three days of auditions. I did get a little sightseeing in, but but mostly I was impressed by the level of talent coming in to Berklee.

I also learned that my French language ability is terrible! I’ll work on it.

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