Other Scales

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One Response to Other Scales

  1. Paul says:

    Jon,Thanks so much for the pnaroesl response .. I can’t make Jan 28 as work will intrude, and I’m in NY, but I will definately be there for one of your performances in the spring. Enjoy your upcoming “Tour de’ France” .. sacre’ bleau .. lol.Enjoyed trying for the contest, even though I only had about an hour to get a track down.. unfortunately I didn’t find it until Jan 24 at 9:00PM .. My little Pignose practice amp sounds great though .. LOLp.s. Really enjoyed the videos .. all of them, and Frankenstein was awesome. Just saw Edgar Winter band Saturday, and I could swear his guitarist studied with you. p.p.s. Did you ever play in a club, doing atonal stuff, in Montreal during the Jazz Festival in the 80s??See you at a show real soon.

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