The Daily Chord

If you’re observant, you’ve noticed a new menu item, “Daily Chord“. Every day, you should see a new chord posted. You get a chord diagram, the notes, tab and a brief description of the chord.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep pace with the “every day” goal I’ve set for myself.

I’ve learned so many things about guitar in a “non-linear” way by exploring things and thinking, “That’s cool! What else can I do with this”

That way I get to noodle at my own pace and bump in to things I like.

PS: If you have a chord that you’d like to submit, just email me at

If it’s accepted, you’ll be credited properly.

PSS: Of course, there’s a ton more stuff like this in the “Premium Content” section of this site. $7.00/month subscription click here to sign up


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