Site Membership and Other Awesome Updates

We’ve just added a bunch of new stuff to the site, including:

If you are a long-time fan of ours, you probably remember the “Rants Page” from the of yore. Well, we’re resurrecting it and opening it up to your wonderful, glorious comments. We’re trying to make the site more interactive and interesting (in case you can’t tell) while providing great new features for our beloved fans and visitors. Peruse the rants and wince with us.

New to the site is a set of musical “inventions” that we’ve either thought up on our own or stumbled upon while surfing the web. If you’re a musician looking for a laugh, please check it out.

The part of the site we’re most excited about is membership. Becoming a registered member at opens up doors to eternal happiness and warp refraction threshold theory. You get access to a variety of content, like: guitar lesson materials, members-only videos, members-only audio files, and whatever other stuff we hope to throw your way! Become a member today (if you aren’t already).

And, we’re re-adding the gigs page–now with Google Calendar integration! As soon as we book a gig, it’ll show up on the site. See that sidebar thingy with the “Upcoming JFG Gigs” section? That’s hooked right up to our calendar as well, so you’ll get the latest on any upcoming JFG performances! See for yourself.

Stay tuned…

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