Daddy’s Junky Music Closes it’s Doors Wednesday Oct. 26 2011

Anytime something like that happens, there’s always more to the story. I don’t know many details of why they closed. My understanding is lawsuits, internet sales, and the economy were contributing factors.

Fred Bramante (“Daddy”), Candi Bramante (his daughter), and Hirsch Gardner (Manager in the Boston Store) are all good friends of mine. Because they’re all imaginative, hard-working and resilient, I don’t worry they’ll be ok.

But New England’s music scene lost an important resource on Wednesday Oct 26, 2011. When Daddy’s outgrew it’s “mom and pop” model, Fred and Candi took many behind-the-scenes steps to improve the quality of the music scene without calling attention to themselves, or the company.

Years ago, Fred Bramante ran for Governor of NH. One of his campaign issues had to do with NH’s education system. Because he ran, the other candidates were forced to pay attention to his plan, even tho he didn’t win. He told me later that in his mind it was a victory. His ideas were put in to action.

The New-England music scene is a tight-knit community. Going forward, we’ll all have to work a little harder to keep it that way.

Whatever Fred does going forward will succeed. That’s who he is. I do think that after all he’s done for us, we can give back.

If you can’t do anything else, at least say “Thank you”

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