Animals as Leaders gear stolen!

This is a post I saw on Facebook from the band Animals as Leaders. Please pass this along!

Hey guys.
We’ve got some pretty terrible news to report. Upon returning home to our house in LA we discovered that we’d been robbed while were out on tour. The thieves were able to get away with Javier’s Chevy Blazer and all of the equipment we didn’t have on tour with us. 10 guitars in total. This includes many of our one of a kind custom instruments (Stranberg,Rick Toone ) as well as amplifiers, PA equipment and personal items.
This is beyond devastating. We know so many of you have been beyond supportive with Javier’s legal troubles. We may need more of your help now to potentially find some of these one of a kind instruments that may pop up on Ebay, Craigslist, pawn shops, used music stores etc.
We’re adding an album containing photos and detailed descriptions of the stolen gear to our profile. Please take a look and keep your eyes open for anything that looks close to this stuff. I truly think that with your help we have an exponentially better chance of tracking some of this down.

Tosin, Javier

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2 Responses to Animals as Leaders gear stolen!

  1. Allen Bair says:

    I am so sorry they got robbed. But I have to tell you something. When they say

    This is beyond devastating.

    I have to say, to myself, well, this is what happens when you let your possessions own You. So, they will build it their little stash of gear, put all their hearts into the objects again – and probably get ripped off again. This is what happens when you serve money and possessions with your heart. Let me tell you something,one or two Epiphones (or the equivalent) is all you actually Need. All the rest is just the glorification of materialism.

    • Jon says:

      Hi Allen! I agree with your point about giving too much of your heart to your possessions. Having something stolen from you doesn’t compare with the heartache of losing someone you love. Just the same though, even the most evolved among us get pretty frustrated when the bad guys win. Maybe the phrase “beyond devastating” might be a bit much.

      We musicians (admittedly) can get a little self-absorbed and dramatic at times.

      ….except me of course. I NEVER go there! :-)

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