Help (introduction)

This is site is always under development. Any issues/solutions in using this site will be posted here as opportunity arises. Comments and suggestions are welcome!

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8 Responses to Help (introduction)

  1. izzy007 says:

    I want to become member but the link paypal’s false! :(
    How can I do?
    Best regards

    • Jon says:

      Julien, have you tried joining as a “free” account yet?
      We’re working to resolve the “payment” part of the site. The material’s up, but no-one can see it until that’s fixed. Thanks for your patience!

      • izzy007 says:

        Hi jon! Sorry for the delay of my answer! I didn’t see your answer! Well I’m of course a free account member! Just wishing to enjoy the private part! :)
        By the way, i’ve 2 questions ;
        - Is it possible to receive a signed cd of you? :D
        - Do you give “online private lesson”? By skype for example? I’m from Belgium, Berklee’s a little far from here :/ ! If you’d give lessons online, I’ll be very happy to take a few!
        Here’s my personnal mail ;
        Thanks for your answer previously.


  2. abizai says:

    I want to subscribe but I can not pay

  3. pedro gomez says:

    Hi, i’d like to know how to track my order (CD), thanks.

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