Why have I waited so long to start this process?

When Anthony and I decided to do a total re-vamp of the site he asked what I wanted to do. I answered, “errr… uhhh… I dunno. Let’s just make it…. better.”

Anthony is a very patient soul. We brainstormed for ideas. One thing he said is that modern-day websites need to be updated really often in order to succeed. He gently observed that the former version of jonfinn.com had suffered from a serious lack of attention. I agreed.

In the last version of jonfinn.com, we had a “forums” section where members could discuss various topics. At first it was great but it was very quickly taken over by spam bots. For the first two years, I was spending nearly an hour a day deleting spam posts and bogus “new members.”

I got tired of it and gave up. I decided to delete the forum, finish the new CD and re-visit the website when the CD was released. It felt better to make good use of my time, but I new the website was deteriorating every day I neglected it.

When Anthony agreed to do this, he expressed concern that same thing might happen again. I agreed. We’ve taken steps to make life much more difficult for spammers and bots. It won’t be perfect, but much better.

We’ve divided the site in to three parts:

1. guest (anyone can see)

2. free member (any registered member can see when logged in)

3. subscriber (premium content for small monthly fee)

We decided that we’d upload .pdf files, .mp3 files and vids. Then organize them so that the end user can find what they’re looking for.
Down the road, we’ll be adding content created by others (not just Jon).

I was excited about ALL of it except the videos. Years ago, I’d filmed a handful of instructional videos. I froze in front of the camera. I knew what I wanted to say, but couldn’t do it. The best solution I could come up with at the time was to just play the example for the camera, then do a “talking head” segment where I read a script. Very stiff (not to mention that it took way too much time), but it got done.

More recently, I’ve been practicing the skill of talking and playing at the same time. That seems to work better because I can verbalize what I’m thinking while I’m doing it. For some reason, if I try to verbalize after the fact, it’s much harder.

When watching other instructional clips, many of the players spend a lot of energy being charming. That’s great, but if these videos are meant to be watched repeatedly, I suspect the “charming” element will wear off pretty fast. Therefore, I will probably keep to the business at hand when doing videos.

Feel free to comment. Give and take is what makes things work. Would love your feedback thanks!


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