Web site news 1/6/2011

So for the last few days, I’ve been busying myself with updating material for the website. Pretty soon, it’ll be ready for the “official” launch. There will be three sections: Public, Free membership, and Premium membership.

Public will be as it’s been but updated much more frequently. The new interface makes it MUCH easier to do get things up and running. Plus the “gigs” calendars are tied to my personal calendar. That means any entry I make to my calendar are automatically posted on jonfinn.com. Pretty cool!

Free membership will include some lesson material and instructional videos. With a membership, you can participate in the collective conversation about becoming better musicians.

Premium membership gives you the keys to the kingdom. Video lessons, online lessons, charts, music, unreleased .mp3s, backing tracks, free downloads, and more.

We welcome any feedback you can offer to make this better. Thanks so much!


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