From the Throne

I’ve wanted to do a site like this for years.  The internet has been a really good place for us to base from because anyone in the world can reach us.  If we play at a local bar, we may get 50-100 people to come on any given night.  But not 1,000 or 1,500.  It’s a just a reality of what we do.  We decided a long time ago that was OK as long as we can be true to our music.   Most of our fans seem to appreciate that we’re not really trying to be stars; just really good at what we do.

The kind of music we play doesn’t appeal to everyone.   But it does appeal to some.  As a guitarist, I’ve never really been able to categorize myself in one box.  The best I come up with is “rock guy with jazz, blues, classical country, r&b with overtones of shred”

The problem hasn’t been one of content but rather one on of organization.

While I’ve always had tons of ideas, they tend NOT to be sequencial.

For the time being, I’ll be working on uploading new stuff as fast as I can create it.

More soon!


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