Advanced Modern Rock Guitar Improvisation

Advanced Modern Rock Guitar coverRenowned Berklee College of Music faculty guitarist Jon Finn, combines his experience, education, and stylistic versatility in this eclectic series of lessons for aspiring rock guitarists. Jon’s innovative approach is unique, fun, and challenging. The book/CD set and DVD both offer a well researched original take on the use of pentatonic scales in rock improvisation. Using his “Warp Refraction Principle” which takes into account the major third tuning interval between the second and third strings, Jon presents a series of five vertical patterns applied in two-string increments throughout the fretboard. The philosophy behind this project is to present concepts and techniques as a thought process rather than simply providing a reference manual.

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7 Responses to Advanced Modern Rock Guitar Improvisation

  1. tom says:

    I am seeking a book which teaches the guitar fretboard. I play a little jazz and a little blues. I need a book that is primarily TAB . My goal is to be able play over the whole neck or at least the first few positions.. Thanks for any help that you can provide. By the way I don’t read stand. notation . Tom Martin

    • Jon says:

      Hi Tom! I’ll approve this comment in hopes that someone in the community may have some ideas for you. The books I’ve written up to now include a mix of standard notation, tab, some graphics and quite a bit of explanation.

  2. bob romeo says:

    hi jon,i found your site because someone suggested your book on( advanced modern rock guitar improvisation)
    there is a site that states your book as a download and free,is that correct.if so how is it down loaded.there seems to be another site that that comes in .would you please email me about this and any information relating to it.
    thanks bob romeo

    • Jon says:

      Hi Bob, Thanks for your interest in my book! I’ve heard that there are unauthorized free downloads of my book out there. Be careful. Some of those sites can be a bit “dodgy” if you catch my drift!

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  4. Rod Richmond says:

    Hi Jon,
    Thank you!
    Some years ago I purchased your book and studied through it multiple times. Even though I have other study material on the fret board and scales, your book finally led me to the “Aha!” moment! I enjoyed your teaching and explanations and have applied them to my guitar journey. Your book was a big boost to my understanding and application of the pentatonic scale, and of the fret board. Thank you for your insight and teaching style.
    If you are ever in the Denver area, I hope I can meet you!
    Best regards – Rod Richmond

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